Jonah Coleman's Inspiring Story


Jonah Coleman is a running back for the Arizona Wildcats. He is widely regarded as one of the most underrated running backs not only in the Pac-12, but throughout the nation. With an impressive set of skills and stats, how did Jonah make it to where he is today? 

Jonah Coleman's Early Life

Jonah Coleman grew up in Stockton, CA; a city known for its share of social struggles and violence. From an early age, Jonah Coleman was faced with difficult times. He grew up in a large family with seven siblings, and his family frequently experienced financial hardships. Most notably, their family experienced a scare when Jonah’s father was shot. Jonah Coleman claims that growing up in Stockton was a very arduous experience, filled with violence and danger.

He stated in an interview that one can either choose to be violent in the streets, or violent on the field. Jonah Coleman feels that football has been the perfect outlet for him to express his frustrations and his pain. Jonah Coleman knows that he can channel it all into exceptional play on the field.

Jonah's Motivations 

Along with being able to express his emotions on the field, Jonah Coleman also has other motivations for football. After seeing his dad recover from getting shot, he felt motivated to be a guiding light for his father. He wanted to give him hope. Jonah Coleman said that seeing his family struggle to make ends meet, and to give their child great opportunities, has motivated him to one day make enough money to give them a better life, where money wouldn't be an issue. It's reasons like this that pushed Jonah to achieve impressive feats such as scoring his first career touchdown. 

Jonah Coleman also spoke upon his role models, including his dad. He talked about how his father found himself involved in gang life during his younger years, and struggled to find a way out. Once Jonah’s father had his children, he knew he could not sustain that life. His dad spent his time keeping Jonah on track with football and school, to ensure that he would not veer off into the same life he lived. He desired a better upbringing for his kids. His father bettered himself to better his family, and that inspired Jonah. Jonah hopes to continue using his inspiration to find success in Arizona.

Jonah continues to strive for excellence and reach new heights in his career.