Providing support, both on and off-the field

Contract Negotiations
Optimal Sports prides itself on getting you the best contracts you merit. Our experienced team of negotiators know you work hard on the field, which is why they work harder in the negotiation room to ensure you get elite representation and the compensation you are entitled to.
Unlike other sports management firms that rely purely on their clients’ on the field talent to create their brand, we create a tailored approach to maximize your visibility. We do this by first strategizing our approach through detailed market research, launching the campaign with the appropriate strategy, and scaling your personal branding efforts in response to endorsement deals, social media interactions, and public awareness.
Client Relations
Being a football player is already hard enough, between studying game film to constantly travelling, we know you live a busy life. We understand this and have a dedicated team ready to help you with your everyday tasks. From running your charity foundation to picking up your family members at the airport before a game, you can count on us to get the job done.
Crisis Management
Being a high profile athlete can oftentimes bring unwanted attention and can lead to some unfavorable interactions with the public. We understand the pressures you face from the media, fellow athletes, and fans alike, which is why we help to create and maintain a favorable image of you from the day you sign with us.
Wealth Management and Career Counseling
We know that one day in the future, our beloved athletes are going to have to hang up their cleats and retire from the game they love. This is why we offer a dedicated financial advisor to help ensure that your earnings are maximized for long term usage. In addition to wealth management, due to our close relationships with local and national media markets, we pursue off-the field opportunities where our clients can continue to thrive.