Jadyn Marshall's Story of Becoming A Superstar

Jadyn Marshall's Story of Becoming A Superstar

Jadyn Marshall is very passionate on the field, but also shares a passion for games. Jadyn Marshall loves to compete in many different games, and it speaks to his youthful spirit. Jadyn Marshall will challenge anyone to compete against him, whether it is in a video game, such as Madden, or even in board games as well. Actually, Jadyn Marshall shares a strong affinity for board games. In an interview, Jadyn Marshall shared that he and his mother, Sheree, would play a lot of board games as he was growing up. Some of Jadyn Marshall’s favorites include dominoes, spades, and most of all, checkers. Jadyn Marshall has an immense love for the game of checkers, and states that his love stems from its strategic nature. Jadyn Marshall’s love of strategic games is indicative of his intelligence as both a young man and an athlete. Jadyn Marshall mentioned that he has even competed against UCLA wide receiver coach Jerry Neuheisel. Jadyn Marshall stated that their game ended in a draw because they were so evenly matched.

Jadyn Marshall in High School

While most of Jadyn Marshall’s attention has been gained through his elite athleticism, he also gained significant recognition as a three-sport athlete in high school. As aforementioned, Jadyn Marshall competed in football, basketball, and track. Jadyn Marshall excelled at all three of these sports. His skills shined the brightest on the football field as an offensive weapon, but Jadyn Marshall is also well known for his skills on the track. Jadyn Marshall earned the best 110m hurdles time in the nation for his high school, with a time of 13.35 seconds. Jadyn Marshall was considered one of the best high school hurdlers in the United States.

With three sports and academics to juggle, it can be difficult for a young athlete to stay centered. In an interview with his local news station, Jadyn Marshall stated that as long as he has his goals in mind, and his priorities straight, it becomes easy to stay motivated in the face of stress.

Jadyn Marshall's Brother 

Aside from Jadyn, the Marshall’s have another elite athlete in the family, Jamar. Jamar is Jadyn Marshall’s older brother, and a former track and field star at Arizona State University. By having Jamar as a guiding light, Jadyn Marshall was able to learn a lot from his brother. They were workout partners, and each other’s greatest motivators. Jamar showed Jadyn the necessary work ethic to become an elite athlete, and eventually a collegiate star.

Jamar himself was a household name at St. Mary’s High School, and during interviews with Jadyn Marshall, he referenced that he was always known as “Jamar’s brother”. As time has passed, Jadyn Marshall has worked his hardest to one day step out of his brother’s shadow and make a name for himself. Through all of his hard work, Jadyn Marshall has found enough success to surpass his brother, Jamar, and complete that as one of his lifelong goals.