Jadyn Marshall

Jadyn Marshall is one of the premier athletes to come out of the 2022 NCAA recruiting class. Jadyn Marshall’s talent caught the eyes of many scouts, and 247 Sports deemed him the number 25 recruit in the state of California, and the 42nd ranked wide receiver in the country. Jadyn Marshall stands 6’1”, weighs 180 pounds, and possesses a strong and agile frame that aids in his elusiveness on the field, and allows him to shake off defenders on his way to the endzone. Jadyn Marshall hails from Stockton, California, and competed for St. Mary’s High School. Aside from his excellent play on the football field, Jadyn Marshall also competed in basketball, and more notably, track.


Jadyn Marshall

Class: Sophomore
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6’1
Weight: 185
Hometown: Stockton, California
High School: St. Mary's
Birthday: 11/13/03

Jadyn Marshall played three seasons on the varsity football team for St. Mary’s High School in Stockton, California. In 2020, COVID-19 limited him to only four games. Therefore, among his two full high school seasons, Jadyn Marshall amassed 1,691 receiving yards on 97 catches (17.4 yards per catch) and 14 touchdowns, to go along with 1,235 rushing yards on 119 carries (10.4 yards per carry) and 16 touchdowns. Of these two seasons, Jadyn Marshall’s senior season spoke the loudest towards his versatility. Jadyn Marshall totalled 1,545 yards, with 982 yards on the ground, and 563 receiving with 16 total touchdowns. As a wide receiver, these receiving numbers do not stand out, but his sophomore season showed that Jadyn Marshall could be the wide-out workhorse for his program. This is shown by his 1,128 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in just 11 games. He averaged 16.6 yards per catch. Combine this level of involvement in the air with his involvement on the ground, and Jadyn Marshall could be the next Deebo Samuel in the NFL.

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Jadyn Marshall's Background 

Jadyn Marshall shined on the track as an elite hurdler for St. Mary’s High School. Jadyn Marshall notably posted a 36.77 300-meter hurdles time, and a 22.62 200 meter time during his junior season. Jadyn Marshall’s level of speed is unteachable, and it is apparent in his play on the football field. Due to Jadyn Marshall’s elite quickness, St. Mary’s High School utilized him in a way tantamount to Deebo Samuel’s role on the San Francisco 49ers. For instance, during Jadyn Marshall’s 2021 season, he amassed three times as many rushing attempts as he did receptions. This is substantial evidence that Jadyn Marshall is a gamechanger, and that even when he is not needed in the pass game, it is imperative that Jadyn Marshall is still a major part of his offense.


Other Famous Football Athletes

After taking a look at Jadyn Marshall’s immense talent as both a track star and a football player, it is worth looking at the success of other former track and football duel athletes. A big name that accomplished this is former NFL running back, Ollie Matson. Ollie Matson played 14 seasons in the NFL with four different teams. He was considered one of the best kick returners of all time, and even amassed a league-best 1,666 all-purpose yards in 1954. Another big name that comes to mind is NFL legend “Bullet” Bob Hayes. Bob Hayes played 11 seasons in the NFL, 10 with the Dallas Cowboys, and one with the San Francisco 49ers. Over 10 seasons he amassed 71 touchdown receptions, and led the NFL in touchdown catches in his first two seasons (12, 13 touchdowns respectively). Through viewing the success of Bob Hayes and Ollie Matson in both the football and track world, it is easy to draw comparisons to Jadyn Marshall. It is not often that athletes can excel in more than one sport, and it is worth noting that both can be done successfully. 

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Jadyn Marshall and the UCLA Bruins

Jadyn Marshall has yet to see the field this year, and is a true freshman. Jadyn Marshall is currently fourth on the depth chart for WR2 in their roster, but could potentially see playing time as this season nears its end. With star wide receivers such as senior Jake Bobo, a transfer from Duke, and redshirt senior Kazmier Allen leaving after this season, Jadyn Marshall should see a significant climb in depth chart position come next fall.

The Future for Jadyn Marshall

While Jadyn Marshall did not see the field this past season, that did not stop him from gaining the proper experience he needs to find success in the future. Jadyn Marshall stated previously in an interview that he was excited to catch passess from long-time UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson, because he feels that by partnering with such an experienced quarterback, he will gain the necessary insight and skills he needs to become a better wide receiver. As for wide receivers historically for UCLA, they have not produced the most notable members of the NFL. Their most notable wideout in history is hall of famer Mel Farr, but aside from that, UCLA do not have any reputable members of the national football league. UCLA has not had a 1,000 yard receiver since Jordan Lasley in 2017. This is where Jadyn Marshall comes in. At a school that needs a new star wide receiver to rewrite the record books, Jadyn Marshall is the star UCLA needs. With Jadyn Marshall’s speed and ball skills, combined with UCLA’s move to the Big Ten, Jadyn Marshall will undoubtedly find his way into the limelight, and become one of the top prospects for the NFL.