Rico Flores Jr. 

Rico Flores Jr. is a 4-star athlete who is considered to be one of the top-tier student—athletes in the 2023 class. Rico Flores Jr. stands at 6-foot-1, 190-pound Wide Receiver who runs a 4.58 in the 40-yard dash and has a 36-inch vertical jump. Flores is a player with a good physique and explosiveness, especially in his lower body. He has a wide upper body, solid overall physical makeup, and soft hands. He excels in two-way snaps, showing agility, physicalness, and toughness. He is quick off the snap, creates separation, and makes tough catches, especially on deep ball routes. He is comfortable playing both on the outside and in the slot and is adequate in the run game as a blocker. He has the potential to provide instant depth and play on special teams, with room to improve and become a power-5 starter in college.


Rico Flores

Class: Freshman
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6’1
Weight: 190
Hometown: Sacramento, California
High School: Folsom
Birthday: 12/30/04

Rico Flores had a noteworthy career playing for the varsity team at Folsom, spanning four seasons from his freshman year in 2019-2020 to his senior year season in 2022-23 he played a total of 41 games. In his first season as a freshman, he recorded 378 total yards with an average of 47.3 yards per game. The following season as a sophomore, he had a significant increase in total yards, totaling 606 yards with an average of 101 yards per game. In his junior year, Rico stepped up his game even further, recording 1,209 total yards with an average of 80.6 yards per game, including a personal best 52 rush yards. His senior year was his most productive season, totaling 1,109 yards with an average of 92.4 yards per game and 28 rush yards.


Rico Flores Background 

Throughout his varsity career, Rico accumulated 3,302 total yards with an average of 80.5 yards per game. His consistent improvement year after year is a testament to his dedication and hard work, making him a valuable asset to Notre Dame. In addition to his offensive contributions, Flores was also a solid defender. Throughout his high school career, he recorded 44 tackles, including 18 as a junior and 13 as a freshman. He had two interceptions, with one each in his junior and senior years respectively. Flores also made an impact on special teams, showcasing his speed and agility as a kickoff and punt returner. Throughout his high school career, he returned 16 kickoffs for 412 yards, averaging 25.8 yards per return, and 18 punts for 174 yards, averaging 9.7 yards per return. Finally, Flores was a scoring machine, finishing his high school career with 34 touchdowns, including 32 receiving touchdowns and one each of rushing, fumble recovery, and punt return touchdowns. He accumulated a total of 206 points, averaging 1 touchdown per game.


Rico Flores Early Life 

Rico Flores grew up in North Highlands, located in the Northern region of Sacramento or “North Sac, North Highlands to be exact” as Flores puts it. Rico Flores has gone through many struggles growing up as a kid. Flores’s mom, a single mother playing both roles as mother and father, always motivated Rico to push past the negativity and violence surrounding him. Staying committed to his dreams and staying out of the streets was the most important thing for Rico. Much of Rico Flores Jr’s young life consisted of time with his cousins playing basketball at the Charles Robertson Community Park. Flores said he would walk around all of North Sac whether it was to go to the gas station to get snacks or walk to Belle Park, Rico was always on the move. Once Rico’s grandma moved, he spent most of his time down Norwood Ave going to Macdonald’s, or going to the apartments during the summertime to go swimming.

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Rico Flores' Uncle

Flores’ Uncle calls Rico an inspiration to himself and has always been proud to be Rico’s Uncle. Without a father, Rico’s uncle always tried to steer him in the right direction to keep on track with his goals for the future. His Aunt Renata has watched Rico develop into the rising star he is today, putting in countless hours of work to get to this point. A lot of what has separated Rico Flores from others in his class is the mentality, maturity, and focus he has for football.


As a globally recognized brand, UCLA has a massive advantage on the field through its extensive network of alumni in virtually every industry. With the advent of NIL, the Bruins have a chance to showcase their team spirit and bring their fans closer to the game like never before. But to stay ahead of the curve, UCLA needs to embrace the new opportunities NIL provides and leverage its vast network, all while upholding the core values that define the university.

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Rico Flores Jr. and the Fighting Irish 

In Rico Flores' rookie season with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he made a significant impact on the field, showcasing his skills as a promising player. Despite being a newcomer, Flores demonstrated his prowess with 27 receptions for an impressive 392 yards. His performance on the gridiron contributed to the team's success and earned him recognition among the Fighting Irish faithful.

Expressing gratitude for his time at Notre Dame, Rico Flores acknowledges the invaluable experience and growth he gained while wearing the iconic gold and blue. However, as he embarks on a new chapter in his football journey, Flores is set to join the UCLA Bruins. This transition marks a fresh start for the talented player, presenting exciting opportunities to contribute to a new team and further develop his skills in the collegiate football landscape. Fans and followers can anticipate Rico Flores making waves at UCLA as he continues to make his mark on the field.